Monday, 30 September 2013


last wednesday was the first turkey shed class and although i was nervous, i was excited too, because i couldn't wait to get stuck in (i didn't teach this class, my friend yvonne did, i wanted to be a student for once!)

the first part of the day was taken up with mixing dye and putting our fat eighths into little cups of dye to create a graduated colour palette using two different sets of colours. then we mixed those two colours together to create a different set of graduated dye baths - my original two colours were indigo and brilliant pink - once mixed together they created a palette from bright pink through to purple back through to indigo. i ended up with 24 pieces of fabric to use along with my collection of commercial solids to add some texture in my improv quilts.

mixing & measuring with fierce concentration

pretty graduated colours 'cooking' away!

YUM! hanging to dry
in the afternoon, more emphasis was given to playing and experimenting - the students used trays and pieces of plastic to drip, paint, squirt and drop dye on to fabric, and wrapped fabric with string around poles to create amazing striped effects.

all in all it was a hugely enjoyable and successful first workshop, and judging by the level of concentration and 'oooo & ahhhhs' when we washed out our first pieces of fabrics and hung them to dry in the sun, everyone had a smashing time!

tray dying pieces of lace and trim and pole wrapped fabric

beautiful results from pole wrapping

a completely different result from pole wrapping - the dye was
painted in a different direction
my set of graduated dyes!

due to the huge success of yvonne's first 6 wednesday monthly workshops, we've decided to offer another set on tuesdays starting in january 2014. the dates and classes are as follows:

January 28th - colouring cloth
February 25th - working with synthetics
March 25th - screen printing with thermosfax
*no class in april*
May 27th - free machining
June 24th - melting & burning part 1
July 29th - melting & burning part 2

we are also offering another 'screen printing with thermofax' class on wednesday, december 4th 2013.

classes are beginning to get booked up quickly, so if you fancy joining us for one or all of yvonne's workshops please email me: luciesummers{at}yahoo{dot}co{dot}uk

to see a more comprehensive description of the classes and times and prices, take a look at my previous post at (copy and paste job i'm afraid, blogger won't let me post links for some reason today, sorry!)